“Help. My website needs a refresh.”
(or… I “don’t have a website, and need one.”)

Sound familiar? Here are samples of some of the sites I’ve created.



Brilliantly talented, LA photographer Cat Gwynn had three goals:

  1. Logo & website refresh

  2. Promote her new book

  3. Begin her blog

Done. Done. And done.
View the before + after.

Newly retired Crate&Barrel manager, wanted to open her own small business/shop in Kensington, MD. Her goals

  1. Logo & create new website (very little content, I guided her to push the ‘small business aspect’ as well as history of the town)

  2. Keep images fresh (we linked products to her Instagram account)

  3. Design occasional promotional graphics

Done. Done. And done.

— MARCH 2019 — 
REDESIGN of a weekly e-newsletter

There are a lot of things going on in the Methodist church at this time. The previous eNews was being done by someone else in the church. It had become very copy-heavy, and not visually engaging (or responsive). The designer in me couldn’t take it anymore. It needed an update. SSUMC has had a great response, and great engagement.

Translation: folks are actually reading it now! Goal achieved.

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