Ironic sign in Silver Spring, MD ©Wendy Hudgins

Ironic sign in Silver Spring, MD ©Wendy Hudgins

June 2015, I was thrilled to get back to my freelance work.

But it was January 2016 I was really excited about — first full website. No more single splash page. Okay, well… at the time it was a refreshing change.

But the funny thing about ‘change’ is over time you need to, well, change the change to keep it refreshed.

So, here is the brand new shiny site. What do ya think? Would love to hear from you. And will promise not to let the letters curl up at the edges (like in the ironic photo) before the next update!

I’ve been blessed that some amazing clients who have been the ones keeping me so busy! So many amazing projects. And now, I can’t wait till November to, again, show my thanks to each of you. Every one of my clients is the reason I’m able to do what I love for a living — and I do not take that for granted.

Not a client yet? We can fix that.

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