Marketing Art Director

I’m a problem-solver. Solution-finder.
There’s always a way (and then a better way).
And when you stay curious — you find it.


The marketing-speak — As an inspiring and highly creative Art Director with a comprehensive background (brand management, audience engagement, client presentations, new business pitches, project management, photography, copywriting, public speaking, and digital/print market trends) I have an insatiable hunger, and curiosity, to learn new things, explore new places. 

The truth, Ruth — I love hearing a client's marketing needs (no matter how large or small the company) and knowing how to creatively, with strategic and good design, solve them. After listening to my clients’ overview of a project needed, I then shift my thinking, aiming to see things from the perspective of their consumer. It is the consumer who needs to grasp the message or CTA quickly. If we do that, then the project is a success. I love the collaborative, open, engaging nature of working with my clients and look forward to helping them — and you — in the New Year. 

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Born and raised in Atlanta, I've since moved on to call these places home:

Chicago — BFA, from the Art Institute of Chicago. Then mingling with celebs in the Gold Coast at my very first job out of college. Worked in publishing on Michigan Avenue. Then off to a Year in Provence.

Aix-en-Provence, France — for further creative studies, travel photography, and... well, France. Then off to the Sunshine State. 

Orlando — for an amazingly-energized five years as Art Director and Creative Spark for Disney’s in-house design agency. But I missed Autumn, so I headed north...

Washington, DC — for creative work with Discovery Channel. Then launched my creative freelance business in 2008. And now loving working remotely with my clients from ATL to DC, and Chicago to Washington State. But I've landed. This is it: Home sweet home.

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Where I've worked